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Here is a 10 MHZ band-pass filter (3dB bandwidth of 1.8 MHZ) to be used mainly for a lab's reference frequency signal clean-up. It can also be used to filter out  harmonics of square wave oscillators and generators for converting their waveform to sine, for isolation improvement, even for selecting  the 10 MHZ ham radio band (30 m) in receiver front-ends. All harmonics, including the 2nd (20 MHZ), get attenuated more than 50 dBc.

10 MHZ Band-Pass Filter

   50 Ohms in/out SMA ports

   Does not pass DC

   Compact 25 x 25 x 50 mm size

   Supplied encased, built & tested

​Fig. 1

Fig. 1. The frequency response of a sample. Maximum attenuation on 10 MHZ is 2.5 dB max.  The plot is available in a pdf format by pressing the red button.

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Fig. 2. The Return Loss over the frequency range of a sample, including SWR plot  A .pdf plot is available by pressing the red button.

Available now

​Fig. 2

Photo 1 & Photo 2. The filter is offered as a completely built & tested unit in an aluminum box with dimensions 25.5 x 25.5 x 51 mm 

10 MHZ BPF Complete, Built & Tested in Aluminum Box - EUR 29.90 + s&h

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