30 MHZ Low-Pass Filter Schematic

30 or 70 MHZ Low-Pass Filter

Minimum Loss design, handles 200 W on TX. It comes with its own enclosure with SO-239 connectors (N-type for the 70 MHZ version)

Eliminate FM broadcasters, VHF/UHF transmissions and cell-phone/tower interference from HF

The toroids are of -6 material which gives lower loss than the -2 material and T68-6 types are used in this design.

All capacitors are high voltage (630 and 1500V) and high temperature (125C) rated.

The PCB dimensions are 70 x 20.8 mm and all capacitors are mounted on the bottom side).

ORDERS For a Built & Tested Module

30 MHZ LPF   EUR 39.00 with SO-239 Connectors

70 MHZ LPF   EUR 49.00 with N-type female Connectors

​The prices do not include 24% Greek VAT applicable only to individual buyers from European Union. 

The shipping is with registered mail  (your signature is required upon delivery). 

We usually ship the next day and it takes about a week to 10 days for USA or Australia, less than a week for Europe.​.

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