AMIDON BN61-202 BALUN cores (1 piece)

​​​EUR 1.72

AMIDON BN43-202 BALUN cores (4 pieces)

​​​EUR 4.75

AMIDON BN61-2402 BALUN cores (set of 5 pcs) equiv to Fair-Rite 2861002402

EUR 2.68

Dual Apperture Ferrite Cores

AMIDON BN43-302 BALUN cores (1 piece)

​​​EUR 1.31

AMIDON BN43-302 BALUN cores (4 pieces)

​​​EUR 4.98

Micrometals BLN1728-8 BALUN cores (set of 5 pcs)

​EUR 5.54

AMIDON BN73-202 BALUN cores (1 piece)

​​​EUR 1.62

AMIDON BN43-202 BALUN cores (1 piece)

​​​EUR 1.26

The prices do not include 24% Greek VAT applicable only to individual buyers from the EU countries. 
AMIDON BN61-202 BALUN cores (4 pieces)

​​​EUR 6.53

The shipping cost is EUR 3.99 for total value under EUR 9.99, EUR 7.99 for total value under 49.99, EUR 11.99 for total items value under 99.99, EUR 15.99 for total value under 199.99 and free for total value grater than EUR 200.00. The shipping is with registered mail with tracking info and delivers to USA, Australia in about a week to 12 days max, or less than a week for Europe. 
Special arrangement for shipping with DHL or other courier service is also available. Please email us.

AMIDON BN43-7051 BALUN cores (1 piece)

​​​EUR 8.10

AMIDON BN73-202 BALUN cores (4 pieces)

​​​EUR 6.15

AMIDON BN43-3312 BALUN cores (1 piece)

​​​EUR 6.16

AMIDON BN43-2402 BALUN cores (set of 5 pcs) equiv to Fair-Rite 2843002402

​EUR 2.09