About Us

"Pleasure in the job, puts perfection to the work"
- Aristotle -
  • EW Sub-systems

    Things we can make faster:

    RF Power Amplifiers from 1-30 MHZ or 30-88  MHZ or 30-400 MHZ or 225-400 MHZ and 400-3000 MHZ and up to 18 GHZ - at any power from 1 W to multi KW

    TR Switches, Solid State, fast with low insertion loss, high isolation and wide bandwidth including interface (RS-422 or other) and low noise receiver port

    Special receivers - transmitters - converters

    Remotely placed receivers

    ​RF Recorders

    Antenna Diplexers

    ​Bias T (DC injector) boxes

    RF Filters

  • EW Complete Systems

    Things we can work on fast:

    Frequency Hopping Follower Jammers with or without integrated DF

    Noise Jammers

    Expendable Jammers

    RF signature analysis

    Upconverters downconverters fixed or tuned

    Special receivers for example to detect Frequency Hopping transmissions at HF

    Remote controlled real time surveillance/monitoring from 1 MHZ to 3 GHZ

    Drone detection systems

    Drone Killers


  • China/Taiwan and Greece

    My business currently is finding commercial applications of EW, I am developing two systems, one for protecting banking ATMs from organized electronic attacks and another to protect commercial ships from piracy. I can work together with individuals, companies and entrepreneurs for patent issues to protect the Intellectual Property of the product and I can also arrange design, development and production in the best factories of the world in Taiwan and China, while protecting the product IP. If you have a great idea, e-mail me to discuss about it. We can arrange design, fast prototype fabrication, manufacturing, inspection, delivery, logistics.

  • What I do

    At my home lab, I design and build many electronic circuits, units and systems for Amateur Radio and commercial applications. In my business career I have designed, engineered and successfully delivered mostly military Electronic Warfare systems. I believe EW is an Art. I will devote some pages in this website about that subject. 


  • About Me
    My name is Makis Katsouris, SV1AFN and I unsuccessfully tried building my first broadcast radio receiver at the age of 12 and since then I have built many. A lot of many, for business and for pleasure. Some with great success! My friend Demetre, SV1UY unveiled to me the wonderful world of Ham Radio and got my license on 1987. I had having much of activity on most HF bands, with CW, SSB, RTTY. On 1993, together with my friends SV1ATV, SV1ACK and SV1BDO we operated J49GI from the southernmost part of Europe on a DX-pedition to Gavdos Isl.
  • My Business
    Business obligations don't let me keep up with this wonderful hobby always. In my life so far I have seen the TV becoming colored, the VCR turning to Blue-Ray, the room-spaced computer cabinets with 1 sq. meter TTL logic CPU turning to pocket tablets and of course, part of the starting Internet revolution. My 16 years old son is not getting much impressed, since they all seem "natural" to him. As he is growing up, I will try to show him being creative with electronics because I think it is still easy. By Doing It Yourself at home, gets you with more skills, experience, being creative and maybe useful, with satisfaction and self confidence for problems solving.
  • Bioma of an Achievement

    There is a Greek word, I know it is the same for many other languages, called "bioma". You can have a bioma for example when you smell a rose for the first time. From now on you "know" the smell of a rose but you cannot transfer that "knowledge" or "experience" to anyone else by just describing it by words, math or pictures. You can't keep, save, archive, or document it anywhere outside your brain. The other people need to smell it by themselves.... I would encourage everyone to give DIYing a try and feel new happy biomata. I promise you, the times are not the same before and after any small achievement.