2-way Splitter/Combiner 0.3 ΜHZ - 1000 MHZ

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2-way splitter/combiner (Built & Tested PCB Module)


It works from 300 kHZ to 1000 MHZ with 3 dB nominal loss (close to theoretical) and >25 dB isolation between ports (>35 dB at f < 450 MHZ)

Great for antenna sharing for two receivers

SMA female ports

Dimensions of PCB: 41 x 42 mm

It cannot pass DC as it is. But if L1 and L2 footprints get populated with rf chokes, DC pass can be achieved successfully for both ports.

Distance between SMA connectors center: 13 mm

A matching Aluminum Die-Cast Box is available here:

or the unit can be shipped placed in this box and fully tested.


The VNA plots show the insertion loss/return loss from 0.3 MHZ to 1 GHZ, the isolation between the 2 ports/return loss from 0.3 MHZ to 1GHZ, the insertion loss/return loss from 300 kHZ to 5 MHZ and the isolation/return loss between the 2 ports from 300 kHZ to 5 MHZ.