Antenna Line Isolator 50-75 Ohm for Low-Frequency Receivers

39,52 (VAT excluded)
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  • 75 Ohm F-Type Female
  • 50 Ohm BNC female
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Martin, G8JNJ made it first with 40 turns of RG-179/B 75-Ohm Coaxial cable wound on an FT240-77 core and it helps reducing noise pick-up from 300-500 KHZ NDB Band.

For high-impedance antennae, the coaxial line should be kept away from noise sources and this BALUN acts as an isolator which helps lowering the external noise down.

Sometimes a separate ground rod also helps, independent from the house grounding and connected to the coax braid from the antenna side of the balun.


The isolator is supplied encased in the plastic box with F-type connectors as pictured here.

One of the connector's ground is connected to the center grounding post. This is the antenna side connector if a ground rod will be connected.


It can be made with 50 Ohm coaxial cable too with BNC female connectors, please select the variation you need when ordering.