Ultra-Low-Noise DC/DC Converter 6-36V input / 5 V - 1 A output

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A very small PCB module, supplied built & tested.

Dimensions: 30 x 17 mm

Input: 6 - 36 V DC

Output: 5 V DC up to 1 Amp

What is most important with this converter is its very low ouput ripple and noise. It is suitable to power LNAs or bias transistor or FET gates or PLL and VCO circuits!

No extra cooling is required except if operating in the upper extreme power level

Attention: This is not a linear LDO Voltage Regulator, it is a switching DC to DC buck converter with build-in EMI filters and output damping filters and with such low noise that compares with ultra-low-noise LDOs. The benefit is its low noise for powering LNAs, bias and sensitive RF circuits plus it can deliver the nominal current at higer input voltages where LDOs can't.

And the addition of the PG pin (Power Good logic output) and the EN input pin (ENable) makes it suitable to be implemented similar to a sequencer (daisy-chain connected PG pins).

Because these converters are for use in wireless systems and because the noise from switching power supplies can be found anywhere up to 200 MHZ or more and can be distributed via ground loops with uknown results, we shot these photos presented here at 500 MHZ bandwidth and not limited at 20 MHZ like most market solutions.  You can see the last photo with the output ripple and noise at very low levels at <5 mVpp while competitive cheaper products have so much noise and ripple, shown in the other two photos.