2.4 - 2.5 GHZ RF Power Amplifier 5 W - OUT OF STOCK check on September 15th

104,03€ (VAT excluded)
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Sorry to say we run out of stock. New production of a slightly improved version is scheduled for September 15th.


Linear (Class AB) RF Power Amplifier Module built & tested, comes with its own base-plate (heat spreader)

It needs a heatsink under the base-plate, except if it will be placed on a large metal surface

RF input: -10 dBm

RF Gain: 48 dB

RF output: 37 dBm (5 W) - P1dB

DC Power: 28 V DC 50 mA (32V max) and 5 V DC 250 mA with no RF input (at 5W Rf output, needs 550 mA for the 5V supply and 400mA for the 28V supply).

Rogers 4350 PCB gold plated PCB with dimensions 43 mm x 62.8 mm (almost half credit card size!)

On board bias control with a trimmer pot

Control pin for muting the module - for normal operation it should be connected to the +5V rail


SV1AFN.com amplifiers are available for laboratory, experimentation, radio amateur, export, military, OEM & licensed customers only. It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer/operator to insure that only approved equipment/systems are deployed.