2.4 - 2.5 GHZ RF Power Amplifier 250 W

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Ultra - Linear (Class AB) RF Power Amplifier Module built & tested (power brick)

It is supplied with its own base plate but it needs a large heatsink under the baseplate for continuous operation as it runs HOT!

Frequency Range: 2400 - 2500 MHZ

RF Gain: 33 dB

RF output: 250 W CW - 300 W (Depends on user's cooling strategy)*

DC Power: +28 V DC (15A)

With interstage isolator


* The amplifier can generate 250W at P1dB (Psat 300W) across the frequency band of 2.400 -2.500 MHz when kept at a baseplate temperature of 20 C.

For proper operation and protection of the output stage passives below their max operating temperature, we recommend to back off the output power at ~150W when the baseplate reaches 90C.

All the above numbers are applying to continuous CW operation, and proper termination to 50 Ohm load.



MIL-SPEC Version is also available, please contact us for details.


SV1AFN.com amplifiers are available for laboratory, experimentation, radio amateur, export, military, OEM & licensed customers only. It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer/operator to insure that only approved equipment/systems are deployed.