430 - 470 MHZ ISM Broadcast Amateur RF Power Amplifier 5 W

116,94€ (VAT excluded)
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Linear (Class AB) RF Power Amplifier Module built & tested installed on an aluminum baseplate

It needs a little heatsink or a large thermally conductive panel under the base plate

Frequency range: 425-480 MHZ

RF input: -3 dBm

RF Gain: 40 dB

RF output: 5 W

DC Power: 28 V DC (80 mA idle - 1.5A with full power)

Input stage Noise Figure: 1.8 dB

LDMOS Output stage of latest technology

Built-in DC/DC Converter with EMI filter

2nd harmonic attenuation 20 dBc,  3rd harmonic -30 dBc


Military Version is available upon request


SV1AFN.com amplifiers are available for laboratory, experimentation, radio amateur, export, military, OEM & licensed customers only. It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer/operator to insure that only approved equipment/systems are deployed.