DXer's High-Linearity Pre-Amp (LNA) for HF Receivers 10 ΚΗΖ - 30 ΜΗΖ

129,00€ (VAT excluded)
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DXer's High-Linearity Pre-Amp (LNA) for HF Receivers Built & Tested, encased in metal box

  • 4 x GALI-74+

  • Balanced input Option

  • Multicoupler Output Option for 4 HF Receivers

  • Low-Pass Filter at the un-balanced input

  • IN/OUT Relay

  • DC through coax (Bias-Tee)

  • 10 KHZ - 30 MHZ


Option 1: (Buy the PSC-4-6+ Mini-Circuits 4-way splitter/combiner 15KHZ- 40MHZ when ordering so we can add together)

Option 1 turns this LNA to a high performance receiver multicoupler by adding a Mini-Circuits 4-way splitter at the output.

Rx1 port can still accept DC through the coax to activate the LNA if no local DC power is available

Option 2: (Buy "Option 2 for the DX'ers LNA" when ordering so we can add together)

Option 2 adds the balanced input, it consists of 2 RF relays and 2 BALUN transformers wound for 100 to 25 Ohm impedance transformation.

Option 1 and option 2 can co-exist