Wideband RF Amplifier LNA 30 KHZ - 2.5 GHZ

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Wide-Band Miniature Amplifier

  • ​ 30 KHZ - 2.5 GHZ​
  •  23 dB Gain  
  •  Pout +4 dBm P1dB
  • ​ NXP  BGA2866 chip
  •  Ultra Low Noise Voltage Regulator
  •  Versatile DC Power input (+5V or USB micro or  5.5...16V)
  •  < 20 mA @ 5V DC input  


This miniature (35 x 22.5 mm) amplifier PCB Module comes completely factory soldered and tested.


​It is based on the BGA3866 chip manufactured by NXP which is a Silicon Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) wideband amplifier with internal matching circuit in a 6-pin SOT363 plastic SMD package.

Its major features and benefits include:

 Input internally matched to 50 Ohms 

 A gain of 23.2 dB at 250 MHz increasing to 24.3 dB at 2150 MHz

 Output power at 1 dB gain compression = 4 dBm

 Supply current = 17.4 mA at a supply voltage of 5 V

 Reverse isolation > 32 dB up to 2150 MHz

 Good linearity with low second order and third order products

 Noise figure = 3.8 dB at 950 MHz

 Unconditionally stable (K > 1)

 No output inductor required

The amplifier PCB has an ultra-low-noise voltage regulator (U2) which is the Texas Instruments LP2985AIM5-5.0/NOPB, a 300 mV drop LDO and can accept input voltage from 5.3 ...16 VDC through J5. This makes possible for the amplifier module to take DC power from many sources in a system or around the lab up to 16V max.,  if 5 Volts are not available. In addition a USB-micro socket can power the amplifier chip from any USB port or charger. 5 Volts can be applied on J3 to feed directly the NXP chip.

The gain curve is close to the datasheet description and over 2.2 GHZ the gain drops to about 10.5 dB @ 2.5 GHZ.