RF Attenuators PCB Panel 1/2/3/5/6/10/10/20 dB DIY KIT

38,99 (VAT excluded)
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RF Attenuators PCB Panel (Factory soldered attenuator on the PCB, the SMA connectors are supplied unsoldered)


The KIT includes a high-quality ENIG FR4 PCB PANEL (8.5 x 6.5 cm) that comes with all PAT devices factory pre-soldered.
8 pcs SMA female connectors - long shaft - and 8 pcs SMA male connectors are also supplied un-soldered.



With Mini-Circuits PAT-series ceramic 1 W precision 7 GHZ devices


For the price of just one industry standard SMA in-line RF attenuator, now you can get a complete set of 8 PCBs in a panel (hand breakable for separating them) with a Mini-Circuits PAT-series ceramic 7 GHZ  1 Watt precision attenuator device factory soldered on each of them.

Each PCB has a different PAT device to give a different attenuation value.

The exact devices used are:

PAT-1 (1 dB attenuator)

PAT-2 (2 dB attenuator)

PAT-3 (3 dB attenuator)

PAT-5 (5 dB attenuator)

PAT-6 (6 dB attenuator)

PAT-10 (10 dB attenuator)

PAT-10 (10 dB attenuator) second time

PAT-20 (20 dB attenuator)


Each of the precision attenuators can be used in series connected with one or many others (or with a different  type as well) to make larger attenuation values as the total attenuation adds when connecting attenuators in series.

This way you can quickly make the exact attenuation value you need when working on the bench, or when you need a fixed value attenuator inside a project or system.

The PCB material is FR4 so don't expect great performance over 3-4 GHZ, but if your work is at lower frequencies, this panel suits most of your needs perfectly.

In addition, you get 8 pcs male and  8 pcs female SMA connectors (not soldered).


John, WI6P used copper tubing and end caps to make shielded enclosures for the PAT series attenuators. The photos above are courtesy of John Lauber, WI6P.