RF step Attenuator SPI Module

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RF step Attenuator

SPI Module for your MCU/Arduino etc.


Based on the Peregrine Semiconductor's PE4306 chip, this module is a complete RF 0-31 dB attenuator with 1 dB steps, for 50 ohm systems on a 20 x 31 mm PCB and has a universal SPI interface.

It draws under 100 uA at 3VDC and no negative voltage is required for it's operation since the chip has an internal negative voltage generator.


Data can be found here:

A separately sold MCU controller PCB with a 0.96" OLED Display and a Rotary encoder is also available, that is capable to control 2 RF Attenuator Modules and make a very usefull 0-62 dB step attenuator.