Things we can work on fast:

Frequency Hopping Follower Jammers with or without integrated DF

Noise Jammers

Expendable Jammers
RF signature analysis
Upconverters downconverters fixed or tuned
Special receivers for example to detect Frequency Hopping transmissions at HF
Remote controlled real time surveillance/monitoring from 1 MHZ to 3 GHZ

Drone detection systems

Drone Killers

Things we can make faster:

  • RF Power Amplifiers from 1-30 MHZ or 30-88  MHZ or 30-400 MHZ or 225-400 MHZ and 400-3000 MHZ and up to 18 GHZ - at any power from 1 W to multi KW
  • TR Switches, Solid State, fast with low insertion loss, high isolation and wide bandwidth including interface (RS-422 or other) and low noise receiver port
  • Special receivers - transmitters - converters
  • Remotely placed receivers
  • ​RF Recorders
  • Antenna Diplexers
  • ​Bias T (DC injector) boxes
  • ​RF Filters

Application Note on IEDs:

In the following space I will publish info, ideas and proposals about various and different conceptual EW systems, dealing with old and new threats. Feel free to contact me for further discussion, experimenting, development and possible technical or commercial cooperation. I claim the copyright for all material published from the date of publication, except copyrighted from a third party as indicated,  providing matter for thought, research and experimentation for academic or personal home use only, excluding any business, military, or any other activity. I also claim no responsibility for any losses and damages occuring from the use of the matter published.

Fig. 1.  The “IED system” includes the IED ellipse, which contains explosives, a remote control receiver with an antenna and a battery (or just a cell-phone), and also includes an observer (standing-off) who first aims at the target optically and then triggers the IED using RF. The observer – operator entity is an IED system requirement, because it is assumed that there are no other sensors and processing that would automatically trigger the IED on time. Sometimes is positioned together with the IED (suicide attacks).

The IED problem

Is "Brute force jamming" the only solution?

Copyright (C) 2014, Makis Katsouris

Here are some thoughts about how to make RCIED countermeasures. 

According to Ref. 1  over 300 US and coalition soldiers killed or wounded from Improvised Explosion Devices (IEDs) in a short period of time. IEDs are hidden roadside where military convoys drive by. An observer, located at a safe distance, transmits a command triggering the IED at the appropriate time.  The damage caused depends generally on the number of IEDs emplaced, the explosive type and blast power, the armature of the convoy vehicles and speed of travel, the spacing between the convoy vehicles and the IED distance from the convoy at the moment of explosion. The last is also a function of the observer reaction speed, his remote control system speed of transmitting the detonating command, the time-length of that command, the detonator-explosive delay and it is also a function of the observer safety distance if transmission propagation time periods would be taken into account into a geometry model like the one shown in Fig. 1.

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Part of the Invisible War, "Electronic warfare (EW) refers to any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack an enemy, or impede enemy assaults via the spectrum. The purpose of electronic warfare is to deny the opponent the advantage of, and ensure friendly unimpeded access to, the EM spectrum. EW can be applied from air, sea, land, and space by manned and unmanned systems..."While this definition is generally true, I would comment that modern technology and physics advancements are missing from it.

Well, EW exists in nature. See one example here

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Today 's capabilities are impressive, see this