Mini-Circuits PSA-0012+ Amplifier MMIC

​50 MHZ - 6 GHZ, 16 dB gain, +22 dBm PO

EUR 2.28

Analog Devices ADL5513 

EUR 7.65

FST3253M Dual 4:1 MUX/DeMUX

EUR 1.27

Mini-Circuits GALI-74+

EUR 2.28

uPB1508 3 GHZ Divider by 2

EUR 2.23


EUR 1.00


EUR 1.39

FST3125M Dual 4-bit Bus Switch

EUR 1.21

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MC12080 1.1 GHZ Divider by 10/20/40/80

EUR 2.54

uPB1505 3 GHZ Divider by 64/128/256

EUR 2.55

Analog Devices AD603AR 

EUR 1.72


Mini-Circuits MAR-6SM+  x5 pcs

EUR 9.30

The prices do not include 24% Greek VAT applicable only to individual buyers from the EU countries. 

FST3126M Dual 4-bit Bus Switch

EUR 1.21

Analog Devices AD8313ARZ 

EUR 2.35

MC12079 2.8 GHZ Divider by 64/128/256

EUR 2.54

Mini-Circuits ERA-5SM+  x3 pcs

EUR 5.60

PCF8574 ADW Texas Instruments PCF8574A DW IO expander SMD
EUR 1.29
SKYWORKS PHEMT GaAs IC SPDT Switch 300 kHz–2.5 GHz AS169-73LF

EUR 0.64

MMC6100B25 - 2.5V Voltage regulator

EUR 0.63

Analog Devices ADL5519 

EUR 8.02

Mini-Circuits ERA-3SM+  x3 pcs

EUR 5.60

Mini-Circuits ERA-6SM+  x3 pcs

EUR 5.60

Mini-Circuits GALI-84+

EUR 4.50


EUR 2.90

Mini-Circuits MAR-3SM+  x5 pcs

EUR 9.30

Analog Devices AD8307AR 

EUR 1.21

SIEMENS - Infineon SO42P 200 MHZ mixer IC - NOS

EUR 1.65

Mini-Circuits PGA-103+

EUR 3.49

Analog Devices AD8302ARU 

EUR 1.91

Mini-Circuits ERA-1SM+ x3 pcs

EUR 5.60

Mini-Circuits LAVI-2VH+ RF Mixer

2-1100 MHZ, +23 dBm LO

EUR 28.69

Mini-Circuits SBL-1 Double Balanced +7 dBm RF mixer - USED (DESOLDERED)
EUR 7.99
Plessey SL6270C 

EUR 3.81

uPB1510 3 GHZ Divider by 4

EUR 1.92

TDA 7056A
EUR 1.29
DAM05-S05M Universal input miniature Power Supply 5VDC/1A

EUR 9.30

Mini-Circuits MAV-11SM+

EUR 2.34

Mini-Circuits ERA-2SM+  x3 pcs

EUR 5.60

FSA3157P6X SPDT Analog Switch

EUR 3.18