A connectorized Mini-Circuits 2-way splitter is also available at EUR 99.00 This one works from 0.2 - 1000 MHZ

A completely built & tested Module is at EUR 99.00 without  VAT 24% with EUR 11.99 shipping from Greece (EU). 

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Grammatikos Katsouris


Sole Proprietorship

127 Artakis str, Athens, 17124 GREECE

VAT no. EL 042237030

Chamber Reg. No 171467

Bank Account: 

National Bank of Greece, BIC ETHNGRAA

IBAN: GR6701101910000019100189455

Account Holder: Grammatikos Katsouris

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DUNS number: 524163138


 Connect one antenna to (up to) 4 receivers

Wideband 10 KHZ - 30 MHZ​ (VLF-HF)

 Gas-Plasma-Discharge Tube Overvoltage Protection

 30 MHZ Low-Pass Filter with T94-6 toroids for IMD  -free operation

 Antenna static discharge resistor

We also stock a 2-way resistive splitter/combiner! It works from DC to more than 3 GHZ and it is much cheaper at EUR 9.90. The insertion loss is 6 dB.


This miniature (72  x 48 mm) PCB module comes completely factory soldered and tested.

​It is based on the Mini-Circuits PSC-4-6 RF splitter/combiner which works nicely from 10 KHZ - 40 MHZ

The insertion loss in every branch is very close to the theoretical minimum of 6 dB while the isolation between ports is specified at 20-35 dB.

Fill your basket with  ferrites, RF cables, RF connectors, transistors, ICs etc. on our shop


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