BFG135A RF Transistor NXP
EUR 0.64
RD01MUS2 RF MOSFET Mitsubishi
EUR 1.85
RD16HHF1 RF MOSFET Mitsubishi
EUR 5.75
RD06HVF1 RF MOSFET Mitsubishi
EUR 3.34
EUR 2.56

The prices do not include 24% Greek VAT applicable only to individual buyers from the EU countries.

RD00HVS1 RF MOSFET Mitsubishi
EUR 1.27


BF998 Dual Gate MOSFET NXP - 10 pieces
EUR 2.54
BFR96 TS RF Transistor
EUR 0.99

2N5109 Motorola wideband transistor
EUR 4.20
Shipped from China
EUR 1.39
Sanken STD03P and STD03N pair - NEW - STD03 audiophile TO-3P CASE
EUR 7.00

RD15HVF1 RF MOSFET Mitsubishi
EUR 5.75
EUR 2.28

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Special arrangement for shipping with DHL or other courier service is also available. Please email us.

BFG591 RF Transistor NXP - 10 pieces
EUR 9.54
ATF-34143 Low Noise Pseudomorphic HEMT EUR 6.03