RF & Microwave PCB Ruler de SV1AFN

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RF & MW Special Edition 2016 Elegant PCB Ruler

After many requests and based on the same concept of visualizing components for design reference, as used on the Elegant PCB Ruler, I would like to present you with this PCB Ruler dedicated to the RF and Microwave designer.

It includes the metric and imperial scales as well as the AWG 0-30 cable/wire gauge.

All the components are components or circuits as used in RF design, some dimensioned to-scale, others not-to-scale.

For example, one can see the real dimension of the quarter wavelength of 2.4 GHZ, or the real dimensions of a 25 Ohm microstrip transmission line. Other elements, like most of the antennas and filters are not-to-scale but given to inspire your own great ideas for new projects.

By making this ruler smaller in length but more than double in width, it has got with more area available for patterns and information. In addition, it appears artistic as the Elegant PCB Ruler and as most PCB designs too!

Matching wooden base is available

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