2 KW Low-Pass Filter - 7 pole Chebyshev

31,45€ (VAT excluded)
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  • 160 m
  • 80 m
  • 40+30 m
  • 20+17 m
  • 15+12+10 m
  • 6 m
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High-power Low-pass filter PCB module - It is delivered built & tested as shown in the photo.

It needs 12VDC - 70 mA to operate the relays. The filter is selected when the relays are energized.

If not-energized the input/output port can be routed to another similar PCB module in order to select a different filter.

This way one can use as many filters as he needs.

The selection is done by applying a GND (Ground) to the control input.

The insertion loss and return loss measurements include the two relay contacts.

All capacitors are 2 or 3 KV rated and every filter is measured and tested before shipping.


PCB dimensions: 157.5 x 27 mm