100 MHZ - 3 GHZ LNA 16dB Gain - 0.7 dB Noise Figure with BY-PASS and MUTE function

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100 - 3000 MHZ LNA Built & Tested PCB Module Encased into a 25x25x50 mm aluminum box

  • BY-PASS function
  • MUTE Function
  • 0.7 dB Noise Figure
  • Bias-T with Mini-Circuits TCCH-80+
  • Ultra-Low-Noise Power supply on board (Analog Devices LT3042) outputs 5VDC from +6...20VDC input
  • +5...20 V DC input - 90 mA (Can be injected through the on-board Bias-Tee at the output connector or applied to +V GND pads)
  • When powered with DC from +5...15V the LNA operates with 16 dB of gain. When powered with >16V it automatically switches itself to BY-PASS mode with -3 dB loss
  • MUTE funtion activates upon placing a HIGH (+5V) at the MUTE input. The output signal goes approx 30 dB down when MUTE is activated
  • The BY-PASS function works by applying 5V at the BY-PASS feedthrough cap, or by increasing the power supply voltage instead of 6...15V to 16 - 20 V.
  • 25x25x50 mm black aluminum box
  • ROGERS (TM) R4003 Material PCB
  • DC POWER LED indication
  • BY-PASS LED indication


Attention: It does not work lower than 100 MHZ. The gain drops above 3 GHZ

It includes components (BIAS-T) for powering the device throught the RF output connector if used as a distant placed LNA for example.

This PCB module is supplied with all the components factory soldered and tested and encased into a 25x25x50 mm black aluminum box with SMA connectords and 100 pF Feed-through caps for DC power, MUTE and BY-PASS functions. The BY-PASS function works with voltage sensing as well, if the power supply voltage is >15.6 V (instead of 5....15 V) it automatically switches itself to BYPASS (-3 dB).