Bias-T DC Injector 10 KHZ - 150 MHZ

31,45€ (VAT excluded)
Downloads: BiasT_HF_sch
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This item ships Built & Tested encased into a Hammond die-cast aluminum box.

  • 18 V max Zener Diode Protected
  • 300 mA max DC current (Short L1 & L3 for 600 mA max, leave L1 only for 1 A max)
  • Polymeric PTC Resettable Fuse (thermal fuse, recovers by cooling down)
  • SMA female connectors
  • Hammond Die-Cast box (included)
  • Gas Plasma Discharge Tube 75V 10 kA on the RF+DC port
  • Discharge resistor on the RF port 
  • 100 pF feed-through and/or 6.5 mm DC port