ADL5513 RF Power Detector 1 MHZ - 4 GHZ

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ADL5513 RF Power Detector (Factory Built & Tested PCB Module)

The PCB Module includes a  high-quality ENIG FR4 PCB (37 x 19 mm) that comes with all SMD components factory pre-soldered. 

RF capacitors are used for all the circuits.  A 52.3 Ohm resistor is used for R3.

One SMA female connector is also supplied not soldered and one 9-pin header.

1 MHZ to more than 4000 MHZ (4 GHZ) With Ultra-Low-Noise Voltage Regulator 


Based on the Analog Devices ADL5513 chip, this module is a complete RF Power meter head for 50 ohm systems

working from below 1 MHZ to more than 4000 MHZ with 80 dB dynamic range (+/- 3 dB)  or 74 dB (+/- 1 dB).


The RF input SMA is terminated to a 52.3 - 1% Ohms resistor (R1) to match the ADL5513 input resistance to 50 Ohms.

It draws under 25 mA at 12 VDC and has an on board 5V voltage regulator.

For low noise operation, a special ultra low-noise 5 V voltage regulator is used. The LP2985AIM5-5.0 is made by Texas Instruments and is optimized for RF circuits. This one powers the ADL5513 chip. Its input can be connected to an external power supply of +5.25 min to 16V max via edge connector pin 1.

The ADL5513 output voltage is routed to the output connector pin 2 and pin 3 for 21mV/dB measurements.

All of the scaling resistors as described in it's datasheet has been chosen large in purpose (of 1206 SMD size), in order to facilitate hand soldering/de-soldering if any change is required.

The PCB dimensions are 37 x 19 mm and a special gold-plated band is provided on the edges to help soldering any shielding material (copper clad board, tin etc).

The ADL5513 Module Log Conformance is kindly conducted and submitted by Norbert, DG1KPN with calibrated test equipment on 100 MHZ. - You can download it above.