30 MHZ Low-Pass Filter

4-ports splitter with 30 MHZ Low-Pass Filter

With Gas Plasma Discharge Tube

50 Ohm SMA ports

6 dB loss in every branch


PCB Ruler


With half-mm and 25 mil scale, awg gouge and more...

Reverse Polarity Portection, DC supply distribution board

Tunable Preselector for HF

0.5 pF - 0.6 uH step                - final touch

Band-pass and band-reject function

Elegant PCB Artwork Ruler


With half-mm and 25 mil scale, awg gouge and more...

9:1 16:1 4:1 2:1 1:1 Balun Transformer for Receiver Antenna

10KHZ-150 MHZ LNA with 2xGALI-74 in push-pull

With IN/OUT relay

DC on coax (Bias-Tee)

25 dB gain - 220 mA @ 12VDC

High linearity preamp LNA for HF

8 PCBs Panel with Mini-Circuits PAT-Series 

RF Attenuators

DC-7 GHZ 1 Watt precision attenuators for your bench

1,2,3,5,10,10 and 20 dB attenuators with Male and Female SMA connectors or 2x 10 dB + 6x 20 dB attenuators with Male and Female SMA connectors

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HF amateur bands preselector filters

10 MHZ Distribution Amplifier filtered

5 filtered and isolated sinewave output ports

plus 5 LVCMOS output ports ( = 10 output ports)

Internal 10 MHZ - 0.28 ppm TCXO, factory trimmed

External/Internal signal switch

Disable outputs switch and logic input

10 MHZ Band-Pass Filter for your Lab

Built & Tested

RF Attenuators PCB Panel


Receiver Overload Switch

10 KHZ - 450 MHZ

Very Fast (<20 nsec) RF Power Meter. Adjustable set-point for grounding receiver input with PIN diode and Relay. Built-in test Oscillator 

Share HF antenna to many receivers
Wideband amplifier general purpose

Receive/Transmit Interface for Transceivers

Insert preselectors, pre-amps, attenuators in the receive path, use different antenna for Rx or Tx, use different radio for Tx or Rx, use an external SDR with your transceiver, etc... TR switch with Relays and PIN-Diode switch. PTT operated or with RF sensing.

PGA-103 LNA Module
2-m band Low-Pass Filter VHF
Nice RF power meter

GPS Antenna Splitter

Double filtered - Amplified - 4 outputs - For passive or active GPS Antenna - Current loads at each receiver output port

High-Pass filter to Reject FM Broadcast Band

DIY KIT 114 or 134 MHZ

High-Pass FILTER

11-th Order for deep FM Broadcast band rejection
100 W Power handling
< 1dB insertion loss

Good to 500 MHZ

SV1AFN's GPSDO GPS Disciplined Oscillator

FSA3157 H-Mode Mixer

As per PA3AKE description 

with dual DAC or Potentiometer

RF Amplifier's 
Input Power Over-Drive Switch

LF-3 GHZ - 100 W max - PIN-Diode instant protection

RF Mixer Module
10 MHZ filter

Band-Reject Filter - Notch

88-110 MHZ

Kill those ghost signals from your SDR receiver from 20 to 1500 MHZ

HF band-pass filter PCB

Miniature module to be used alone, or with the HF multiplexer, or with many to make a preselector

DXer's Pre-Amp for HF

High linearity LNA, 4x GALI-74+ MMICs push-pull. Options: Balanced input, Multicoulper output to 4 receivers. 10 KHZ - 30 MHZ - 30 MHZ Low-Pass Filter

Mini band-pass filter for HF amateur bands

GPS Disciplined Oscillator 

Plug a GPS Antenna in and get 2 independent RF channels programmable from 1 KHZ to 1028 MHZ differential or single ended.

Sync your test equipment, provide an accurate, stable and ultra-low-phase-noise to your analog or SDR XCVR, upconverter, beacon, DDS, ADC, DAC, etc.

Dual notch filter for HF receivers - Auto tune function

Two (2x) 500 KHZ - 4 MHZ tunable Notch Filters with OLED screen and USB interface. For 30 KHZ - 75 MHZ Receivers. Selectable notch depths.

DRA-818V / DRA-818U

1W VHF or UHF miniature transceiver

with Audio Amplifier and Low-Pass Filter

HF Antenna Multiplexer

Share one Antenna with 3 receivers

Expand with an additional module for 3 receivers more. Select filters per band per receiver 

Experiment and Measure on 50 Ohm CPW transmission lines

VLF/LF Up-Converter for SDR or Analog receivers

DC - 120 KHZ or DC - 520 KHZ with diplexer filter to reject all higher frequencies  before entering the mixer

VLF LF Up-Converter for SDR or Analog receivers

PCB sets for experimenting with RF and signal integrity

DIY KIT or Built & Tested

With 50 Ohms CPWOG and SMA connectors

PGA-103+ LNA

25 MHZ - 4 GHZ - Ultra Low Noise Figure

Input overload protection diode, Inverse supply polarity protection, LD Voltage Regulator

10 MHZ Distribution Amplifier with 10 output ports sinewave isolated
RF Amplifier's Input Power Over-Drive Switch

AD8318  RF Power Detector with 12-bit ADC

70 dB dynamic range, 1 MHZ  - 8 GHZ Log Detector with 12-bit ADC and ultra stable & low noise Voltage Reference

Easy interface to any micro-controller, Arduino etc.

What else would you like to see here? Suggest a new project, comment, discuss, complain, say hello...

1.8 MHZ high-Pass filter to eliminate MW
FM broadcast band reject filter
VHF UHF radio transceiver miniature module
ADF4351 PLL Synth Module
Connect one antenna to 4 HF receivers

1.8 MHZ HIGH PASS FILTER - 11th-order Cheby - HIGH POWER

DIY KIT or Built & Tested - RX VERSION AVAILABLE Built & Tested

ADF4351 PLL Synthesizer

35 MHZ - 4400 MHZ

Miniature sized - External REF only

Miniature Amplifier

30 KHZ - 2500 MHZ

with NXP BGA2866 and Ultra-Low-Noise Voltage Regulator


Ham-Band Preselector

with RF relays and DC wetting

Two double-tuned networks withby-pass/pre-amp/attenuator manual or MCU control

100 Watts TR Switch

50 - 6000 MHZ on Rogers (TM) R4003 PCB

Quiet and Ultra Fast (<100 nsec) Solid State Receive/Transmit Switch
100W Transmit Receive Switch with PIN diodes

12V DC Power Distribution Module

DIY KIT or Built & Tested

With Switch, Relay, Fuse and reverse polarity protection
Overload Protection for Receivers

Antenna BALUN Transformer for Receivers

Choose from 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 9:1 or 16:1 - Includes a GPDT for overvoltage protection 

RF High Power Relay PCB Module

HMC784 TR Switch

10 Watts MAX


Low Power Receive Transmit Switch

Si5351A Clock Generator

8 KHZ - 150 MHZ with 10ppm 27 MHZ Crystal 

3.3V and 5V I2C Interface 

Synthesizer with Si5351A and 27 MHZ xtal

ADL5519 Dual RF Detector

With Ultra-Low-Noise Voltage Regulator

1 MHZ - 10 GHZ max Dual RF Channel Log-Linear RF Detector - Use with a directional coupler and measure Return Loss, FWD power and RFL power

AD8310 Fast RF Detector

With Ultra-Low-Noise Voltage Regulator

LF - 440 MHZ Very Fast (ASK/AM Demodulation Possible) RF Power Log Detector with 95 dB Dynamic Range

Elegant PCB Clock 

On Gold-Plated FR4 PCB

24h movement and with passive RF Detector


With Ultra-Low-Noise Voltage Regulator

LF-2700 MHZ Gain and Phase Detector

VHF UHF Diplexer

With SMD high power components

DC-235 MHZ VHF port, 290-500 MHZ UHF Port

ADL5513 RF Power Head

With Ultra Low-Noise Voltage Regulator

1 MHZ - 4000 MHZ / 21 mV/dB Voltage Output RF POWER DETECTOR

AD8313 RF Power Head

With Ultra Low-Noise Voltage Regulator

100 - 2500 MHZ / 18 - 50 - 100 mV/dB Voltage Output RF POWER DETECTOR

AD8307 RF Power Head

With Ultra Low-Noise Voltage Regulator

0.1 - 500 MHZ / 25 - 50 - 100 mV/dB Voltage Output RF POWER DETECTOR

 More to come soon...

HELA-10 Amplifier

LNA, Post Mixer, or Lab Gain Block

A nice balanced 11 dB amplifier with +30 dBm (1 Watt) output power

2N5109 Amplifier

LNA, Post Mixer, or Gain Block

A nice 16 dB amplifier to more than 110 MHZ

Elegant PCB Artwork Ruler

On Gold-Plated FR4 PCB

With half-mm and 25 mil scale, awg gouge and more...

RF Attenuator

Plus a Microcontroller Unit with OLED display and rotary encoder

0-31dB with one RF module or 0-62 dB with two RF modules with 1dB step, PE4306 based

Ultra Low Noise

Pre-Amplifier VHF/UHF

50-4000 MHZ PGA-103+ based with IN/OUT relay and ultra low-noise power supply 

Mains power-line Isolator

Using a 50 HZ BALUN transformer

Clean AC power for your clean Audio and RF equipment - The best "power conditioner"

MMIC Amplifier

Mini-Circuits ERA or GALI series gain module

Small and handy

RTL-SDR Up-Converter 

True DC - 55 MHZ with 200 MHZ LO

USB powered, with switchable HF LNA (2 x Gali-74+) and diplexer terminated passive double-balanced mixer.

HF Pre-Amplifier

2x J310 J-FETs in Push-Pull

A nice 15 dB low noise pre-amplifier for 0.5-54 MHZ (or modified for 30 KHZ - 30 MHZ)

Projects & Articles

Here you can find project ideas you can build at home. The most important issue behind every project here is to keep it simple and reproducible at home, without needing expensive test equipment. I hope you can find one that suits your needs. For the projects involving wiring or connection to mains power please be very careful or ask for expert help. Your life is in danger and I don't want to be responsible for any harm or loss.



+ TCXO, 3V3 Vreg

Same size PCB Module - 

180 MHZ Low-Pass Filter

Encased - SMA Connectors - Minimum Loss Design - Handles 60 Watts 

High linearity preamp LNA for HF
Transmit receive Interface to place a preamp or filter in the receive path

30 MHZ / 70 ΜΗΖ Low-Pass Filter 200 W TX handling

30 MHZ/70 ΜΗΖ Low-Pass Filter to eliminate FM broadcasts, V/UHF, cell/tower signals from HF

RF Relay or TR switch 

 >40W CW @ 3 GHZ

50 Ohm contact
0.25 dB max attenuation at 3 GHZ
50 dB max isolation
More than 40W CW power handling