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Choose size & material

Mini-Circuits GALI-74+ PGA-103+

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RF Transistors

40673, 3N211, MFE201, 2N5109, BFG591, BF998, 2N4416A, BF960, BF961, BF981

Iron-dust Toroids

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MC12079, MC12080, uPB1508, uPB1510, U664, U891

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AD8307AR, AD8313ARM, AD8302ARU, AD603AR, AD831AP

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Mini-Circuits ERA Series, MAR-3, MAR-6, MAV-11, MMICs

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10 pcs USD 2.90

1SV149 Varicap Diodes

(10 pcs)

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Quartz Crystals

9.000 MHZ and 10.700 MHZ -  30 ppm - 12pF series capacitance in HC49/U through-hole package - Great for DIY filters & Oscillators

Ferrite Beads

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Choose size & material
Choose size & material

Twenty (20) pcs FB43-101

USD 2.50



Dual Apperture Ferrite  Cores

Available:  BN43-2402, BN61-2402, BN43-202, BN43-302, BN61-202,  BN73-202, BN43-3312 BN43-7051and BLN1728-8

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Toroidal Ferrite Cores

Available:  FT23-43, FT37-43, FT37-61, FT37-67, FT50-43 FT50-61, FT50-75 (FT50-J), FT114-43, FT114-61, FT140-77