QRP Low-Pass Filter - 7 pole Chebyshev-WAZ

19,35 (VAT excluded)
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  • 160 m
  • 80 m
  • 40 m
  • 30 m
  • 20 m
  • 17 m
  • 15 m
  • 12 m
  • 10 m
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Low-power - QRP (60 Watts max) 7-pole Low-Pass Filter PCB module of high quality - It is delivered fully built & tested as shown in the photo.

Every filter is measured and tested before shipping.

The filters are designed for maximum second-harmonic attenuation and are called (With Added Zero) as per W3NQN's work.

PCB dimensions: 41 x 19 mm

US made Micrometals toroids are used (T50-2 and T50-6 types) and high voltage (100 V) low K 0805 size SMD capacitors.

Pin-headers can be used for the input and output ports or SMA edge-mount connectors.

The PCB modules are shipped without pin-headers or SMA connectors.