GALI-84+ RF Amplifier Built & Tested PCB Module LF- 4 GHZ

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RF Amplifier with Mini-Circuits GALI-84+ Built & Tested PCB Module

A Handy RF Gain Module

Here is a small 32 x 17 mm PCB module with a ready built RF amplifier made with the GALI-84+, which works from DC-6 GHZ!

It includes components (BIAS-T) for powering the device throught the RF output connector if used as a distant placed LNA for example. These are the L2 and D2.

The gain of the Gali-84+ is high (25 dB) and two of these modules can make a nice noise generator if used with a noise diode.

This module can drive almost anything since Gali-84+ MMIC's P1dB is +22 dBm (typ) !

This PCB module is supplied with all the components factory soldered and tested.

Empty PCB without components is also available.