PCB SET for making RF Power Amplifier transformers

2,02 (VAT excluded)
Select Variation
  • Suitable for BN-43(-61 or -73) - 202
  • Suitable for BN43-3312
  • Suitable for BN43-7051
  • Suitable for FB31(-43)-1020
  • Suitable for BN43-7051 + copper tubing
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This PCB Set are supplied without copper tubing, we will add this variation soon for all types. Currently only the BN43-7051 variation is available with copper tubing.

The 2 PCBs are designed so to hold a dual apperture ferrite core, and together with 2 copper sleeves or coax-cable's braid to form the center-tapped one turn ususally required for an impedance transformer.

Any type of dual apperture cores can be used, for example 2 or three placed in series, or even made by individual small or large toroidal beads or rings.

As shipped, a small cut is required from the buyer to separate the 2 PCBs

A footprint for a neutralizing capacitor is also added so it can be used if needed