RF High-Power Relay

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RF High-Power Relay (Built & Tested PCB Module)

The Module includes a  high-quality built & tested ENIG FR4 PCB (27.5 x 39 mm) that comes with 3 female SMA conenctors soldered in place.

  •  50 Ohm contact
  • 0.25 dB max attenuation at 3 GHZ
  • 40 dB min isolation
  • More than 40W CW power handling

I am sorry I didn't know of the AXICOM HF353 relay before. It is designed with a 50-Ohm contact and works very nicely up to 3 GHZ and more!

It can handle 40-50 W of RF power at 3 GHZ! It's insertion loss is very low at 0.25 dB max while the isolation of the non-selected port is >40 dB.

I quickly prepared a small PCB with 2-oz copper thickness and 50 Ohm transmission lines and when built I could happily verify its performance.  

And because I thought many experimenters will find this usefull I made it available to order.

The relay's coil is specified for 5 VDC operation but the PCB module is designed for powering the relay with a MOSFET switch and is equipped with resistors for 13.8 VDC system voltage.

This can be changed by altering the values of the resistors R1 and R2. Extensive filtering is used and balanced snubbing to reduce voltage transients to any system this module will connect with.

The MOSFET gate will accept a 3.3V or 5V TTL High signal to activate the relay. A green LED will light and altogether will consume around 35 mA.