For a fully Built & Tested PCB Module with a GALI-84+ and SMA connectors, you can order this at EUR 21.90

New SOT-89 RF Amplifier PCB for GALI- series MMICs

EUR 5.90

For the Gali-84+ Amp see below

EUR 5.90

Order just the PCB without components:

Here is a small 32 x 17 mm PCB made for the GALI-84+ or similar footprint (SOT-89) MMICs It includes components for powering the device throught the RF output connector if used as a distant placed LNA for example. these are the L2 and D2. Otherwise these components are not needed.

The gain of the Gali-84+ is high (25 dB) and two of these modules can make a nice noise generator if used with a noise diode. This module can drive almost anything since Gali-84+ MMIC's P1dB is +22 dBm (typ) !

This PCB is supplied without components.

Parts List


J3: 2-PIN MTA PCB PLUG 3.96mm


L1: ADCH-80+


C1,C2,C4,C5: 100nF SMD CAPACITOR 1206 SIZE

C3: 10 uF/25...35V TANTALUM CAP

ORDERS (EUR 14.12)

A DIY KIT consisting of:

One ADCH-80+ special inductor,

One ERA-5SM MMIC Amplifier

Two SMA connectors and one MTA 2-pin plug and socket

including One gold-plated high-quality FR4 PCB is available.

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Fig. 4 - S11 (input VSWR) curve of this PCB module with an ERA-5SM chip, from 1 MHZ to 1.5 GHZ.

Fig. 5 - S22 (output VSWR) curve of this PCB module with an ERA-5SM chip, from 1 MHZ to 1.5 GHZ.

Fig. 2 - S21 (gain) curve of this PCB module with an ERA-5SM chip from 1 MHZ to 1.3 GHZ.

Fig. 3 - S21 (gain) curve of this PCB module with an ERA-5SM chip, from 1 GHZ to 3 GHZ. It shows the PCB limitations mostly and not of the MMIC itself as the gain drops while the frequency increases.

Fig. 1 - The schematic diagram of the RF amplifier. Please note that the DC voltage can be lower or higher and if so, the values of the resistors R1 and R2 should be altered.

Here is a small (45 x 18 mm) PCB made for placing a few components and an MMIC of the Mini-Circuits  ERA series to quickly produce a general purpose amplifier. Study the ERA series datasheets for noise figure, gain, output power and the other characteristics and choose the chip that suits you most. The following S-parameters network analyzer plots were taken with an ERA-5SM. To make the PCB easily reproducible, the  Mini-Circuits special inductor ADCH-80 has been used. The biasing resistor has been split in two series resistors to divide power dissipation and keep each resistor's temperature lower. The PCB has provisions for SMA connectors for the RF input and output signals and for an MTA 2-pin connector for applying  DC power.

RF Amplifier for ERA- and Gali- series MMICs

A Handy Gain Module